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Cheap Gold and Silver: How to Find Amazing Deals on Gold and Silver

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A Bargain Hunter's Guide to saving and making money with gold and silver objects, like jewelry. Which of these do you want?- to have extra money to pay your bills?- to find...


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A Bargain Hunter's Guide to saving and making money with gold and silver objects, like jewelry.
Which of these do you want?
- to have extra money to pay your bills?
- to find spectacular gifts for your loved ones at ridiculously low prices?
- to have lots of beautiful head turning jewelry to wear?
- to invest in precious metals for less than the current spot price?
- to have extra money to take that vacation you've been dreaming of?
- to protect yourself or your family's finances in the event of a serious crisis?
- to know more about buying and selling precious metals? So you aren't ripped off.
- to know how you are missing deals on precious metals in plain sight?
- to make your own decisions and be your own boss?

If you have a want or need associated with any of the above questions, then this book might be your answer. Imagine your excitement, when you notice a beautiful thick gold colored necklace lying on a table at an estate sale. You quickly pick it up. It's heavy and looks like gold. However, the only mark on it doesn't indicate gold, so you put it down. Luckily you read this book and remember the lesson on marks, and quickly pick it up again. Jackpot! You bought an 18 K gold necklace for $2; it's worth $246 for the gold content value. That's a $244 profit/savings in less than 5 minutes. Would this put a big smile on your face? This is one of my true stories; check out picture 53 to see it. 

Make money, save money and invest in precious metals:
Is it possible to make money finding gold and silver in your spare time? The answer is yes. If I sold all the items I purchased, I'd average $24-$73 per hour. I've been doing this and now it's your turn. I want you to capitalize on the opportunities all around you; trust me they're out there. 

In addition to making money, I wanted to invest in precious metals without affecting my family's budget. I couldn't imagine taking $1,600 from my monthly income to buy one gold coin, but I could take $2 to buy gold jewelry. Does this sound familiar; do you have the same thoughts? Take this educational journey with me and reap your rewards. 

Capitalizing on these amazing deals not only allows me to make money and invest in precious metals, but I'm able to save money buying gifts for my family, friends and myself. If I spend $2 on a gold necklace and pendant set that retails for $100, I saved myself $98. Now that's the smart way to keep up with the Joneses. Or if I give it away as a gift, no one will know I only spent $2; they'll think I spent $100. Read this book and you could save substantial amounts of money too.

Filled with killer (not filler) content, including:
- ideas on where to search (offline and online),
- stories to provide proof, entertainment, and illustrate the lesson being taught,
- tips on finding the gold and silver that others miss,
- techniques on how to find the precious metals,
- hallmarks and hidden marks to look for,
- how to get the best price for your items,
- how to sell your gold and silver,
- warnings to help protect you and your money,
- how to test your precious metals,
- 88 pictures,
- and lots more information (print equivalent is over 205 pages). 

This book will pay for itself many times over:
- IF YOU SAVE $100 buying a gift (a gold ring) for a friend, or
- IF YOU MAKE a profit of $75 selling a precious metal item, or
- IF YOU SAVE $40 investing in a few ounces of sterling silver,
by using one piece of information, then the book paid for itself many times over. You didn't lose a dime and all the information is free to use repeatedly, forever. How can you go wrong with that deal? With the current high spot prices of precious metals, just one necklace, one pendant, or two forks can be worth these types of savings and profits, easily. 

No, I'm not promising thousands of dollars in 10 minutes, but it's possible. It has happened to me. I paid $5 for a gold whale pendant that retails for around $2,000. Read this story in Chapter 4.